Hidden away in the midst of Bearded Theory festival, the Rogues are returning from their adventures and have new talents to share. In the day time its an amazing area for activities and workshops but by night in a banging DJ and live music venue from up and coming DJ`s from all over.

If you can find them amongst the magic and excitement of the festival, they’ll be making mischief with…

Rogues Jammers: Build-a-band and mix different flavours of music through jam sessions. No previous music experience necessary, but it will help.

  • Crafty Rogues: This is a chance for any Rogues to get messy and demonstrate their artistic skills, that they can then take home. Time to get crafty!
  • Jedi Rogues: A chance for budding Jedi to master the skill of the lightsaber and to learn to use the force.
  • Graffiti Rogues: Freestyle graffiti and stencil art in a place where this art style is encouraged.
  • Rogue Beats: Drop your favourite beats, mix tracks and scratch like a pro DJ.
  • Rogue Repeats: Create your own beat on repeat with loop pedal and beatbox sessions.

It’s three days jam packed full of live music, DJs, live graffiti, beatboxing, mischief, mayhem and much more! All new Rogues are welcome to participate whether they have experience or not, part of the fun is learning and having fun creating loud noises, with colourful surroundings in a safe environment.
There will be glitter thrown, glow stick parties, staff taken to the stocks and prizes for the Rogues.