Covid-19 Update

March 16, 2020 6:39 pm

Covid-19 Update

We are aware Government have now issued a ban on mass gatherings. This is to ensure events to do not put further strain onto Emergency Services at such a critical time.

It is possible the ban on mass gatherings could be extended beyond March 30th and because of this we have updated our contingency measures accordingly.

The festival has secured a contingency date being September 10th to 13th 2020 whereby the venue, license, suppliers, personnel and the vast majority of our advertised line up can be accommodated. The festival would operate on the same basis as before.

It will be decided on or before April 12th if the festival is to postpone to this date depending on either of the following factors:

  • Mass Gatherings ban is still in force at the end of March 2020
  • If the peak of the virus hasn’t been reached (as per Government advice) and numbers are aggressively increasing
  • Our attendee’s health is put at unnecessary additional risk

We need to remove the risk of a mass gathering ban being instigated a week prior to the festival once the infrastructure has been installed. This would clearly cause huge disruption to our attendees, artists, suppliers and vendors, a situation we cannot allow to happen.

If we indeed make the call to postpone (which is now highly likely) to September 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th we will issue a revised flyer advertising who is set to perform excluding the handful of artists who can’t due to prior commitments and they will be replaced at the same financial value. You can then make an informed decision should you wish to attend or claim a refund from the festival. Should you wish to claim a refund we will email everyone a link to gain this within a certain timeframe.

We wish you, your family and friends good health during this difficult period.