Bearded Theory School

Now in its 4th year, enrolments will commence the day festival tickets go on-sale (September 9th at 9am). With lots of children returning we
have planned an exciting and educational day with new subjects. Our sessions will be supported by a wonderful team of special educational
needs specialists to ensure that all children can be included.

Subjects will complement the national curriculum and further details will be sent to parents of the children enrolled. This year for the first-time children will stay at the school for their lunch, allowing parents to use the time to enjoy the festival without the sleeve pulling and demands for sweets!

If you missed out on enrolment, we have lots of other activities planned including “Wild Things” activities in the woods. Parents must stay with their children at these sessions. For pre-schoolers we have a special sessions full of fun activities based around “The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark” Parents will be expected to stay with the pre-schoolers . Details will follow shortly but you can still enroll now.

How much does this cost?

Absolutely nothing. We believe that as a family festival, it’s important to ensure the children are happy. Happy children = happy parents

Why are you doing this?

We don’t agree with schools fining parents for taking their children on life enriching experiences. We don’t believe that education has to have 4 walls

How do we get authorised absence?

For Children who are enrolled in the school. While we cannot guarantee your child’s headteacher will authorise the absence, we will do everything we can to persuade them to do so. We will send a scheme of work directly to the head and be available for any questions they have.

How do I enroll?

Enrolments have closed for the Festival School and we do not have a waiting list.