Tickets on sale tomorrow

September 6, 2019 7:30 pm

In today’s political climate, the sense of togetherness and community has never been more required. In 2020 we believe this is our duty to deliver this in abundance with sparkle, lights and friendship. In 2019 we have supported many local organisations such as food banks, crisis centres, village halls, youth clubs and local causes due to your generous contribution of attendance.

We have ensured the sparkle is there with the new additions of Arcadias Afterburner and Bearded Beats. In addition, we welcome back the Pallet, Woodlands, Maui Waui, Something Else, Convoy Cabaret, Rogues Hideout, Kettle at the end of the universe and loads more side attractions to let your mind wander.

TOMORROW is ticket sale day, and it is important you read carefully the instructions below. We have 2 links one if you pay in full price or one if you choose to pay with the payment plan. Make sure you choose the right one before you go to buy your tickets at 9am. Please note, if you are paying by payment plan you will need to secure your early bird or payment plan tickets FIRST and then buy your parking or child tickets separate. It will not cost you any more by buying separately.

ADULT EARLY BIRD 1 £110 £27.50 up front & £27.50 per month debited 31/01/20, 02/03/20 and 30/03/2020
ADULT EARLY BIRD 2 £115 £28.75 up front & £28.75 per month debited 31/01/20, 02/03/20 and 30/03/2020
On sale only when Early Bird Tickets have fully been sold
£130 £32.50 up front & £32.50 per month debited 31/01/20, 02/03/20 and 30/03/2020
AGE 12-16 £60 £15.00 up front & £15.00 per month debited 31/01/20, 02/03/20 and 30/03/2020
AGE 8-11 £35
CAMPERVAN PASS (7 x 7 metre pitch) £39.95
CARAVAN PASS (7 x 7 metre pitch) £39.95

It might be worth registering with Eventbrite before tickets go on sale to ensure your best chance of securing an Early Bird Adult ticket. You can do this by going to

If you wish to pay up front for your tickets, please purchase your tickets via

If you wish to pay by payment plan for Adult or 12-16 tickets (costs spread from initial purchase to January, February and March) please go to

Once all the Early Bird sales have ended, Gigantic will also be selling our tickets via payment plan link

Or full price via Phone sales are available from Monday via 0115 807 7900 (Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm).

2020 News

Bearded Theory

Magical Sounds are taking a year’s sabbatical to recharge their batteries after 11 years of creating one of the best dance areas seen at any festival. We wish them plenty of rest and look forward to welcoming them back. In its replacement we have 2 exciting new venues being Bearded Beats which will be hosted in a marquee venue until 3am in the same location of Magical Sounds and showcasing some of the festivals best loved DJ and live acts. In addition, we welcome the legendary Arcadia Afterburner which will operate until midnight each day of the festival.

We would really welcome your requests for bands and DJs who you would like to see at the festival in 2020 and can you can request acts either by the forum or by social media: Facebook and Twitter