September 12, 2014 8:28 pm
Tickets go on sale on September 6th (in 2 weeks’ time) via our website The website is currently having a makeover and will hopefully be launched on September 2nd. On the same day we will be announcing the Friday night Pallet Stage headliner along with some other acts appearing in the Woodland. In line with your feedback we are making some substantial improvements including recruiting Glastonbury’s parking team, a new car park, additional camping fields, a circus, some snazzy WC`s and much more to boot. Even with these planned improvements we have managed to freeze or reduce the 2015 ticket prices.

That leads us onto this year’s early bird ticket prices. We will be selling 500 adult tickets at £70, a £17 discount and once these are sold we will revert to the standard ticket prices.

All 2015 prices sadly exclude booking fees. Quay Tickets who are this year’s official ticket agent are a charity and booking fees generated are given to good causes via the Lowry Foundation. ALL Tickets will be posted out 2 weeks prior to the festival.

To add to the excitement of this auspicious occasion get a load of PIGBAG, who will tooting their thing in the Woodland on Friday night. Bah bah bah bah bah bah.