The Tips Q&A

March 13, 2016 2:13 pm

We catch up with German band The Tips ahead of their Pallet Stage performance on the Sunday of this year’s festival.

Hello! Who are you and what do you do?

Hello! We are “The Tips” – simply 3 guys who love to play their instruments. Our Hometown is Duesseldorf, Germany which is a city known for it’s wonderful “Alt”- Beer. Further, the people over here love to dress up once a year when it’s “Karneval”-time. So we are quite used to people who wear beards.

Tell us a bit about your band/act; what can we expect from your performance at Bearded Theory in May?

Reaggae and rock are the main influences of what we do. But, since we grew up with punk-rock, there’s quite a bunch of that in our music as well. So you can expect a performance that will make you nod your head to rock riffs, pogo to punk-rock riffs and at the same time it will make you wanna dance and light up a spliff. We love to dance, so hopefully you do too!!!

What is your best festival memory

In general, most festivals are great, so we have many many lovely and positive memories in our hearts. What we like most about festivals, is that you get to meet many nice people from many different places and to have fun and a great time together. Because in the end, that’s why people go to festivals for, right?

What 3 essential items should every festival-goer take with them?

First of all: Tons of cans of Ravioli! In Germany, it’s the number one dish on the campsite. You gotta cook them. The key advantage is: At some point during the festival, they start to taste great even though you eat them cold and uncooked…

Second: dry clothes. A lot of them. Especially Socks. You know this, the weather can be an awful dude. And you want to give all you have for dry socks at some point – bet you will!

Third: friends – lots of them. Bring them. Bring all of them, so your old friends can instantly meet your new friends you just made at the festival, or you will make at the festival in the near future. The more friends the more fun. You can also share Ravioli and socks with them. Well perhaps you don’t want to share the latter.

Just like Bob Ross said it once: Everybody needs a little friend.

Who is your favourite bearded celebrity (living or dead)?

Maybe Bob Ross. He had great hair as well.

Please share a piece of wisdom that you’d like to impart to all Bearded Theory Festival-goers

If you make yourself a cocoa: Never put the powder into the cup first.