The Rogues Hideout

January 26, 2016 7:27 pm

Hidden away in the corner of Bearded Theory festival is a small creative safe hold perfect for children and teenagers. A place for creativity with no limits.

In this space there will be a series of workshops in which Rogues can learn to DJ, build-a-band and graffiti.  All of which are fun and transferable skills.

Rogue DJs – Rogues get the chance to DJ with a professional DJ. Rogues can learn to beat match, mix tracks and other pro DJ skills.

Rogue Jammers – Rogues can play instruments and form a band. No previous experience is required but it will help.

This workshop will build confidence and Rogues can also have the opportunity to sing and perform.

Graffiti Rogues – Rogues get the chance to graffiti with a local graffiti artist in a safe environment.

Workshops include:  Learning to write their name in graffiti styles, different spray-painting techniques and working with stencils.  Protective equipment will be provided for all messy Rogues.

Rogue Outlet – More information will be released before the festival. Please check out the node56 Facebook page and the Rogues Hideout event for the latest information.


Our Team

The team has a range of different skills from multimedia design to playing the guitar.  Our staff are fully DBS checked and have been working with teenagers and young people in the local community.

Tom – Always bursting with creative ideas. Studied multimedia design and works as Node56’s resident graphic designer.  Volunteered at the Drop Inn youth centre for 8 years and winner of a national award for one of his creative youth projects.

Jasper – Can play almost any instrument and is a brilliant performer. He’s the front man of Jasper in the company of others and 4 other bands, all with different styles of music. He’s performed at a number of prestigious venues, runs an open mic and jam night and performed in front of some huge crowds at different festivals.

Shookz – Resident DJ for node56. Has performed at Glastonbury. Shookz ran an online radio station for 10 years and has been a DJ for over 15 years. Shookz is a member of One Bomb and has been played on BBC Radio 1.

The Rogues Hideout will be open from Friday at 11am and workshops will commence at 12pm.

There will be no programmed entertainment just a creative free space to allow for individual creativity and free expression.