Site Plan Changes for 2015

August 4, 2014 11:30 am

We have started to tinker with the site plan resulting in the arena being squashed up a wee bit and addressing your comments made this year. We listened to all the feedback and have hopefully got the site plan bob on but we will upload the 2015 site plan up next month for comment should we have missed anything obvious.

In relation to the feedback we have tried to address the majority. We will be using a much larger car park which is closer to Catton Hall with hard standing roads, plonking the tipi things in their own field and moving the access camping into a larger area with access showers. The campsite will also be increased with a better Quiet Area closer to the gate when you come into the festival. We have ordered more seating and overall can accommodate 1000 bottoms and the subject of bottoms have appointed the old toilet contractor (pre 2014). To compensate the poor show this year we will be having some porcelain trailer units by the bars in addition to increasing numbers by a substantial amount. We will be having a competition to name the new toilet trailers and the winners can cut the red ribbon to open them, be given a free curry and some beer tokens (more on that to come).

We are reviewing the Children’s Village in order to provide more workshops for free (95% percent minimum) and this will see the introduction of a Circus. The Circus will have 40 free workshops plus a circus show every day with acrobats, clowns etc. A cinema is going in the campsite and we are upgrading the Something Else tent into a big top. We are going to build a tree house in the woods in late January (on a weekend) if anyone fancies lending us a hand get in touch and that will house a DJ booth thingy.

If you have any other ideas (not line up suggestions) that you think we should consider please let us know below.