Rogues Hideout (teen zone)

February 10, 2015 8:30 pm

Hidden away in the corner of the Bearded Theory Festival is a small creative safe hold.

In this space there are a team of Bearded Rogues who each are equipped with a set of different multimedia skills.

They use these skills to train the next generation of bearded rouges to take control  and use their new creative powers to inspire others and fight the war against boredom.

The Bearded Rogues creative workshops and services: 1. Boost Bar is our recharge unit. Get energised with our selection of snacks and refreshments while you recharge your phones. 2. DJ Drop Zone is the designated zone you can drop your tunes through open deck sessions and DJ workshops. 3. Jamsource is the platform you can build-a-band and mix different flavours of music through jam sessions. 4. Junktion Noise Box evolved out of recycled instruments and household junk. Bash the trash sessions. 5. Illuminate stall, the place you get illuminated with UV face paint, glow in the dark items and glowsticks. 6. Graffiti Canvas is the designated graffiti area. Live demonstrations and graffiti workshops. Why say it when you can spray it!

3 Days jammed full of live music, DJs, graffiti, trash drumming and illuminations. No programmed entertainment just open music and art platforms to get involved in and express your creativity.