Mr Motivator in Da House

January 18, 2015 12:20 pm

We are happy to announce Mr Motivator is taking flight to attend Bearded Theory 2015.

Music festivals can be the very definition of an anything-goes environment – the over indulging, the drinking, the food, the partying… But we have decided to bring Mr Motivator to a workout session on the Sunday morning and later to then judge the Bearded Theory world record attempt.

Mr Motivator said, “Mr Motivator Here, Oh Gang Bearded Festival is a wicked event, a must for anyone with great taste. So I am gonna be there in all my bright colours and glory. I care about you, I know how much you are gonna let your hair down and I want you to have a fabulous time. So I have decided to put together a Very Special Workout, which is ideal for those who made that New Year’s resolution and are now starting to flag and for you guys who want to over eat and drink without feeling the guilt then this workout is for you. So get yourself ready because Mr Motivator will soon be in Da House. Say Yeah.”