March Update

March 23, 2018 7:03 pm

We hope the weather has not been too cold for you all and this is a quick email to make sure you are aware of this year’s theme and to let you know a few line up amendments.

We hope the weather has not been too cold for you and this is a quick email to make sure you are aware of this year’s theme and to give you a few updates on the line-up.

Line Up News

Underworlds legendary DARREN EMERSON will headline Magical Sounds on Friday night and conclude this year’s MAGICAL SOUNDS line up.

Bar Stool Preachers have cancelled their Friday night performance in order to take up a once in a life time tour opportunity in America. They have been replaced by John Robbs MEMBRANES who will perform a special set in the Woodland accompanied with a choir. The Shimmer Band have sadly cancelled their appearance along with all future shows for reasons beyond their control and they have been replaced by up and coming Scottish musician COLIN MACLEOD with a full band.

THE ACADEMY OF MUSICS ONE BIG SHOW CASE has finalised this year’s line-up and we are delighted to welcome this year’s acts to the inaugural year of our new music stage and congratulate them in being chosen out of over 2000 applications for the Show Case stage alone.

Please support them over the weekend and hopefully we will get to see a stage of rising stars and bands you might be requesting to play the festival in 30-40 years’ time ;o)

In no specific order we are delighted to welcome Devon Soul and Jazz band ORLATA, Newcastle rock punk act CHAIN THE PHOENIX, folk singer JAKE HOLT, singer songwriter AMY HOPKINSON, rowdy garage act THE QUINCIES, metal soul band SPIDASENSE, electro pop act F.O.X, political punk band RISKEE &RIDICULE, Kent singer songwriter WILL WHISSON, Edinburgh pop act INDIGOVELVET, reggae act TIMBALIMEGHAN ABBOTT, acoustic singer KARA JADEGAV HAMILTON, post punk band WISH HOUNDS, rock band POISON CROW, alternative rock band HUMAN  X, funk band SCHEMA, rock band BLEEDINNOSES, Cuban folk band SWANVESTA SOCIAL CLUB, indie band PAISLEYSUNDAE, PATTERN PUSHER, funk rock act WINNIE & THE ROCKETTES, electro funk band THE WINACHI TRIBE, acoustic duo KEVIN + SHAUN, acoustic singer CONNOR THOMAS, singer songwriter MADDIE WHITTAKER, folk duo SAM RYANCONNOR WALSH, pop troupe THE SEAGULLS, acoustic Americana band BROKEN BONES MATILDA, punk act TENSHEDS, London pop rock act BARONGOODLOVE & THE DREADFUL NOISE, rock band LONGY & THE GOSPEL TRASH, indie act PATERSANI and SHY BILLY.