Last One…

May 14, 2014 7:47 pm

We are disappointed to announce that Wilko Johnson has had to cancel
his show at Bearded Theory due to undergoing radical treatment
relating to his pancreatic cancer. We all wish Wilko well and are
confident the next time we mention his name in a newsletter is to
confirm his appearance in 2015. We have a replacement for Wilko that
will do him proud but we would prefer to keep it a secret and let you
see what happens on the day. It will totally balls up the times
printed in the programme but we will be inserting a flyer with the
amended Sunday line up times.


We have lost Rasta4Eyes from the woodland stage (for personal reasons)
and we will be having them back next year instead. We have also made
additions to the Locked Inn the Woods line up with the well-known
festival bloke Doozer, Facimail, BB Blackdog, Jolly Jock and DJ
Doghouse (Sicknote).


We have a slightly more accurate site plan printed which you can see

ALL tickets from ALL agents have now been issued. You should have
received them on Monday or Tuesday this week at the latest. If you
haven’t received them by this time please contact the ticket agents
directly or if you bought it from our shop email . Be aware that only Ticketsellers will have
bar codes NOT the Bearded Theory shop or sales from See Tickets and


Please ensure you have done your homework and read the directions on
our website which is available here ( ). Please do not follow
the Sat Nav if it tries to take you via Walton on Trent as it ends up
by a very narrow bridge. Even our bubble car got stuck so you have
been warned and we don’t have enough butter to get you unstuck. The
festival will be signposted on YELLOW AA signs with BLUE ROUTE which
is for all public parking, follow these and you won’t get any
bother. RED ROUTE is for Accessibility Camping and
Campervans/Caravans. Taxi drop off is in the BLUE ROUTE car park and
the shuttle buses will access via RED ROUTE. If you are colour blind
we have no idea how you will find us, just listen for music or follow
the hippy in front and hope for the best.


Public gate opening and closing times are:

Thursday 22nd May 1pm – 8.30pm
Friday 23rd May 9am – 9pm
Saturday 24th May 9am – 9pm
Sunday 25th May 9am – 8pm

Please vacate the site by 12 noon on Monday 26th May


Clothing it might be boiling so bring some shorts and sun cream or it
might be wet so bring wet weather gear and finally it might be cold
and generally is at night so bring some warm clothes as well. We have
made sure the car park is close to the campsite and done a lot of work
to make this happen. So make sure you come prepared and the dreaded
walk is only 200 yards away from the car park to the campsite.


Tent thieves, we hate them and you hate them. Let’s get these
vermin out of Bearded Theory but we need your help to do it. Last year
we were successful in catching them, 3 of which received custodial
sentences. What was the difference between last year and the year
before? Basically it was down to people reporting suspicious behaviour
immediately and not waiting until the next day to tell us. It also
helped that we had a substantial security presence in the campsite at
night and had undercover Police patrols. Both will be done again but
on a much larger scale and we are also repeating the use of decoy
tents with CCTV. The rest is down to you and what you bring with you.
Tent thieves want CASH. Don’t bring shed loads of cash with you. We
have cash points and I know it costs £2 or so to take your money out
but £6 over the weekend is better than losing £300 on the first
night. DON’T ever leave wallets or electric items in the communal
areas of your tent, keep them with you at ALL times. USE the
subsidised Lockers and put your valuables in there. Sorry for the
dramatic use of capitals but we want to nail this and have zero thefts
this year. We had less than twenty last year but 1 is too many. Please
help us and do what is stated above and we are all laughing and can
enjoy a trouble free festival.


Finally remember the date has changed!!! We are happening on Thursday
May 22nd, gates open at 1pm and close again at 8.30pm and then open
again on Friday at 9am.


This is our last newsletter in advance of Bearded Theory 2014, so
please all drive safely and have a pleasant journey. We can’t wait
to show you our new home and have the best house warming party ever.