Halloween Newsletter

October 31, 2015 2:47 pm

Firstly, we would like to apologise for the delay with the first line up announcement, we’ve had a very busy few months of booking acts and we are happy to say that we are now in a position to release a few names to get things started. However we are still finalising the vast majority, so stick with us!

Actually, rather than writing a list for you what better way to announce the line-up than with a video featuring Grubber the goat.

For those of you who either couldn’t get the video to work or just couldn’t be bothered to watch it, here’s who we have to look forward to so far.

It’s an absolute pleasure to announce that Wilko Johnson will be back on the schedule after successfully beating a life threatening illness a few years ago. Wilko will be joining The Pallet stage line up on Saturday playing just after the Cockney rejects, the multi-award winning folk-rock band Skerryvore also join the bill alongside the amazing folk band the Moulettes, leaving ska-folk-funk band Will Tun & the Wasters to get Saturdays party started. We still have a headliner, second biller and the opening band to announce in order to complete the running order for Saturday, please stay posted for updates.

Sunday on the Pallet stage will see Bruce Foxton`s From the Jam, as well as English ska band Bad Manners led by frontman Buster Bloodvessel. Festival folk favourites Mad Dog McRae will be making an appearance, joining them will be amazing reggae band Talisman as well as punk rock band Subhumans. Again please stay posted for updates as we have yet to announce the closing headliners, second biller and some more bands for Sunday.

Friday at the Pallet stage will be an exciting one, we will cover Friday’s line up in a further announcement as its very much work in progress and the headliner we are not allowed until the end of next month, however in the meantime we are delighted that Roughneck Riot are the first to confirm.

Moving away from the Pallet stage, we have also been working hard on the Woodland and can confirm that the running order bar the Saturday and Sunday headliners and a handful of acts are all confirmed.

Indie rockers Turin Brakes will be headlining the Woodland on Friday evening, followed by nine-piece reggae-ska band New Town Kings after this year’s mix up. All girl punk band The Tuts will be joining us from West London along with French Blues band Mado et les Frères Pinard who are popping on a Calais to Dover ferry. Wonk Unit will feature next, followed by the hardest working musician on the biker circuit Stevie One Mandolin. We have around 3 more bands to sort to get this day signed off.

Saturday in the Woodland is coming together well, we will announce a huge headliner for Saturday in the next animal featured line up announcement. However we are pleased to announce folk band Sheelanagig, punk hardcore ska band Filaments, Senser a politically charged rap rock UK band from London make a gracious return along with Blyth Power. Bearded legends True Deceivers will also join Saturday’s along with Dirty Vertebrae. We still have a few outstanding.

Sunday on the Woodland is still work in progress and we are chasing an elusive headliner. However Beans on Toast, festival favouriteJohn Otway, the amazing Ska-Punk band Popes of Chillitown, Pog along with another beaded regular Please Y Self skiffle band (we can’t seem to get rid of them) join the beautiful line up in a beautiful setting.

We still have a considerable about of bands to announce in the coming weeks, including headliner and second biller’s so keep an eye open for our next announcement. Time has passed so we wanted to put something out to show you where we are spending your ticket money. However the line-up table shows below we have some major gaps that we are working on and we ask for your patience until we have finalised them. We are close with the majority with all our financial offers being accepted.

We have 2 new stages we are working one getting up and running to make our offering a bit more diverse. We will be making home for a comedy and cabaret area and new live stage. Magical Sounds are working away with sorting their line up and the Something Else tea tent will back programming some up and coming acts along with Gail provided her anarchistic chill space – just don’t complain about the words!