5 questions to…

March 31, 2019 4:34 pm

Q1 – What do you look forward to most about playing at festivals and in particular Bearded Theory Spring Gathering if indeed you have ever heard of it before now?

Festivals are a chance to impress new people every summer.  It’s great to have a fully signed up fan group at our own shows, but it’s a challenge to win over new fans by showing them what we have got with our performances and music- be it old or brand new stuff. We also have a hunger to appear at festivals that we haven’t played before, so bearded theory is looking good to us this year.

Q2 – What would you be doing if you weren’t in the Music Industry?

I’ve never looked past being in a band really, and if I wasn’t in editors, I’d like to think I’d have been involved in touring and live music production somehow. I’ve always been interested in set design, so maybe something to combine the two would suit me.

Q3 – Name your top 3 favourite albums of all time?

An almost impossible question to which my answer changes all the time. Today I’ll pick:

1- deftones – adrenaline.

2- depeche mode – violator.

3- daft punk – discovery.

All d bands!

Q4 – What was the best music festival you have been to and why?

Difficult not to say Glastonbury because it’s got so much to discover, and I live next to it. But there are loads of amazing festivals over in Europe and I’d recommend getting away for a weekend and trying a random festival in  a beautiful setting for a change. Check out Lowlands in the Netherlands, Musilac in the french alps or Kosmonaut in Germany.

Q5 – Who is your favourite hero or villain that had a beard?

Our guitar player Justin. He’s both.